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We are a premier truck dispatching service provider that specializes in providing exceptional dispatch services for owner-operators and small fleet owners

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"FreightFlex Dispatch Service is a premier truck dispatch company that specializes in providing exceptional dispatch services for owner-operators and small fleet owners. With our expert dispatch services, we ensure their success on the road and in the industry."

As a professional outsource staffing solution for companies in transportation and logistics, our dispatch service helps our clients scale their operations by providing them with a reliable, long-term dispatch solution.

With over a decade of experience in the trucking industry, our professional team understands the value of every mile. We expertly book profitable loads and plan highly efficient routes for our clients, ensuring their success and satisfaction. We negotiate the best rates to ensure that every mile you drive is worth it on the road. We are proficient in using all software used in the trucking industry.

Our team specializes in dispatching Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, and Car Haulers with precision and efficiency. By ensuring the safety of your drivers and expertly managing all back-office and administrative tasks, we keep your operations running smoothly on the road. With clear communication as our key strength, we keep all stakeholders informed, including brokers, shippers, receivers, and drivers, from start to finish. Our team provides an open and transparent experience for all our clients.


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FreightFlex provides a wide range of services for owner-operators and truck fleets

Truck Dispatching

FreightFlex offers truck dispatching services to keep your business moving and allow you to focus on driving.

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Document Management and Paperwork completion

FreightFlex's document management services include completing set-up packets, certificates of insurance, and credit checks.

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Billing and Accounting

FreightFlex's billing and accounting services aim to keep truckers and trucking companies on the road. Their service provides necessary support and assistance to handle all the accounting tasks, allowing truckers to focus on their job and passion of driving and providing logistics expertise to clients.

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Factoring Services

FreightFlex offers factoring services to help trucking companies manage their cash flow. The company understands that cash flow is important for keeping the business running and offers factoring services to make sure that the operation has the necessary funds to continue running.

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Rate Negotiation

FreightFlex provides rate negotiation services for trucking companies, which goes beyond simple average rate negotiation.

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Detention and Layover

FreightFlex helps trucking companies manage their drivers' detentions and layovers. They make calls on behalf of the company to ensure that drivers are unloaded quickly and promptly, and to secure the detention money the drivers deserve.

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Safety & DOT Compliance

We take care of all the compliance needs of your business, including FMCSA/DOT requirements and beyond, truck ELD requirements for driver logs, and driver qualification files.

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IFTA Reporting

We at FreightFlex understand the importance of compliance and efficient reporting for trucking and transport companies.

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Company Formation

We assist to creating trucking companies

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Trucking Invoice Service

We provide customized invoicing solutions that take into account the specific needs of your trucking business.

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